What is the time? From moments.

Are you jumping happily from the bed - even before the alarm rings? Or would you prefer something to stay? Regardless of which category you count on: once you have begun to insert the morning ritual into your life, you will no longer be able to live without it. Never forget: as the day starts, it usually continues. The morning rituals give you a chance that your day will be good. Maybe even suugut.

  • You go stress-free from the house and will also deal with the stress during the day.
  • You finally got something I-time.
  • You prepare yourself physically and / or mentally for the day before. You feel so ready to rock the day.

Find out for yourself how you can start the day so you feel really good in the morning. Perhaps you find the right idea here?

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Your benefit:


You go highly motivated and self-determined through the day - in other words, you rock the day from A to Z.


You have so much energy that you can tear down trees (or finally realize your ideas).


You belong to the people who can say: "I have time."


A perfect audio book for me. Since I've heard the audio book, the everyday life has become much more valuable and I live it much more consciously. Thanks Anna for this help. Thanks for this product and all the (also funny) ideas.

The A-program: The first step to (re) improvement! Thank Anna


I've been much more conscious of my time since you opened my eyes - thank you for it!

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Welcome to the world of fabulous moments.

  • Samuel says:

    Great tips, perfect for beginning the day. It’s make really a difference !

  • Sam says:

    Thank you Anna for this Morning rituals, they help me every days !

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