Create your moments

Time is filled with moments. 

So fill your day with the most incredible moments: with proud, touching, funny, productive, quiet, passionate, cool, adventurous and special moments. Because you will always remember them.

Time experts know the following: a day in stress will disappear without leaving a trace. In other words, you will not remember that day. You should not have too many days like this.

How do you feel when you lie in your bed in the evening?  

 I want you to lie in the bed with a smile every night and think: "Wow, that was a freaking good day!" 

I am proud to present you my new programs - with the purpose that you will transform your normal everyday life into a superfreaking f**ing fabulous everyday life. 

Join me on this journey and let's start using your time really good! #noregrets #thetimeisnow #goforit #now

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Your programs

Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful of your life. (Mark Twain)

The "Have a Good Day" programs are filled with plenty ideas how to create your ideal day.  The complete package includes morning rituals, work smarter tools and chillout ideas for the evening. There are no rules - you can simply try the ideas you like. 

Step 1: listen to it and see what will remain as a good idea for you. 

Step 2: Add what you like to your daily life. Simple.

It includes topics for your:

  • self-development
  • life balance
  • mental health
  • working hours
  • leisure & muse design

Your benefit:


You go highly motivated and self-determined through the day - in other words, you rock the day from A to Z.


You have so much energy that you can tear down trees (or finally realize your ideas).


You belong to the people who can say: "I have time."


A perfect audio book for me. Since I've heard the audio book, the everyday life has become much more valuable and I live it much more consciously. Thanks Anna for this help. Thanks for this product and all the (also funny) ideas.

The A-program: The first step to (re) improvement! Thank Anna


I've been much more conscious of my time since you opened my eyes - thank you for it!

Choose your package:

Whole package

  • MP3 with high sound quality
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Access to member area

Our COMPLETE package with all programs in one

  • 37 ideas in 3 categories
  • Morning rituals
  • Work smarter
  • Chill Out


Morning rituals

  • MP3 with high sound quality
  • Duration: 33 minutes
  • Access to member area

11 morning rituals for a better start into the day

  • No more stress
  • More me-time
  • Fully motivated start
  • Physically and mentally fit


Work Smarter

  • MP3 with high sound quality
  • Duration: 41 minutes
  • Acess to member area

13 work smarter tools for your productivity increase

  • Expert in Focus & Concentration
  • Increased productivity
  • Time savings
  • More relaxed in stressful situations



  • MP3 with high sound quality
  • Duration: 25 minutes
  • Acess to member area

13 Chill Out ideas for your evening

  • Disconnect from work
  • Carelessly spend the evening
  • Cultivate leisure time
  • For a better sleep


"Have a good day" program hat already: 


100% satisfaction guarantee

My goal is to have satisfied customers. If you are not satisfied with my programs or my service within 13 days, we will guarantee you a full refund. Just send an email to:

You want more? My premium package is here:

If you want to live with these ideas, the The Time Expert PREMIUM comes into play. We are convinced that when we live these simple ideas, every day it has a positive effect on our health and our biological aging process. The PREMIUM contains an analysis where we can measure your biological age. We do this at the beginning of the program and repeat it after 8 months. More information:

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    Super tools, thank you Anna for this Podcast !

  • Nelson Mabunda says:

    good motivation.

  • T-olga says:

    I Try to get benefits from yor life energy…

    • Anna jelen says:

      Thank you for your comment! I will continue to spread my life energy. 🙂 Hope you are experiencing lots of special moments.

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